"...for that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky..." 

K. Gibran

Kundalini Yoga is heading outside!

NEW location

South Meriden, CT

 May 26th - June 25th

Tuesdays 5-6pm 


Thursdays 6-7pm

More Information please email 

Kristen Marie MishMoshStudios@gmail.com

or view event on Facebook


An Outside Meditation

Tuesdays 4:00-4:45pm

Register HERE

Welcome to Kundalini+

MAY 20th 12 noon

NEW location (Click on interactive map below) 

A workshop for the times and a chance for "reopening". We will gather for Conscious Kundalini Conversations, a 30 mins kriya, and end with an extended meditation with time for journaling. Limited space!

Please bring with you:   blanket or towel, yoga mat, water, pen, any other items for your practice you prefer, paper for journaling will be provided, however if have journal you prefer to use, bring it along
Venmo or cash ONLY at this time.
*If fee is a concern please email at
MishMoshStudios@gmail.com to discuss other options.

How to reserve your spot...
>If registering with Venmo your spot will automatically be reserved.
>If registering with cash, please email MishMoshstudios@gmail.com to confirm attendance.
**This workshop will be hosted outside so
weather permitting. Cancellations will be posted on website , FB, IG, and email at least 1 hour before time. PLEASE make sure to check your accounts before heading out to get any new updates.

***For those with any concerns: We will follow the CT guidelines for recreation and dining outside (groups of no more than 5, at least 6ft apart, no masks required).

Check around on the interactive MAP to see where hosting events, grab directions, & register!

Hello! I am the creative director, owner, & meditative mama of Mish Mosh Studios. Mish Mosh Studios is my traveling Meditation & Soul Studio. I offer Kundalini Yoga classes and Meditative based workshops.

Mish Mosh Studio came about because I could not find one darn box that fit me or that I fit into! So I just mixed and blended all my unique gifts and talents and bippity boppity boo...here we are! Can you tell I adore all things these magical, mystical, & spiritual?!

Bringing awareness to ourselves and expanding our compassion for ourselves has a ripple effect. It is that ripple that will create the change you wish to see in yourself, your inner world, and beyond.

Here are some of the SELFCARE practices I host...

Salty Yoga 

Kundalini with Kristen 

BREATHE 1 & 2 


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