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"...for that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky..." 

K. Gibran

Meet Kristen Marie

Hello! I am the creative director, owner, & meditative mama of Mish Mosh Studios. Mish Mosh Studios is my traveling Meditation & Soul Studio. I offer Kundalini Yoga classes and Meditative based workshops.
Mish Mosh Studio came about because I could not find one darn box that fit me or that I fit into! So I just mixed and blended all my unique gifts and talents and bippity boppity boo...here we are! Can you tell I adore all things these magical, mystical, & spiritual?!
Bringing awareness to ourselves and expanding our compassion for ourselves has a ripple effect. It is that ripple that will create the change you wish to see in yourself, your inner world, and beyond.
Here are some of the SELFCARE practices I host...
Salty Yoga 
Kundalini with Kristen 
BREATHE 1 & 2 
Special Moms Circle

Check around on the interactive MAP to see where hosting events, grab directions, & register!

 Our follow up series has arrived!


Starts Feb 6, 2020

Will fill up so make sure to snag your spot

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