A healing journey for special families

Soulschool is allowing special needs children and their parents time to selfcare through meditation and yoga. 

Kristen Marie and Heather have specifically designed this event for children with special needs and their parents.This is an hour and half workshop for both the parent(s) and child age 5-8 to practice together and separately. 


We are launching our FIRST Soulschool  and it will be held at Mount Holly Town Library in Belmont, Vermont on October 27th 11am-12:30pm.(We have tentative locations throughout New England coming soon)


It is time to connect with families that understand the unique life of being a special family. It is time to stop running to appointments, therapies, school, doctors. Remembering we do not have to fix anything. We just need to remember ourselves and our child's soul journey. This is a call to your tribe, to selfcare, and healing. 

Meet the Facilitators

Two women, two children, two different paths that led both to selfcare and one childhood that started it all.  

Kristen Marie & Heather met when they were only 6 years old in a city in Connecticut.They grew up together for most of their childhood, living right across the parking lot in their little townhouse apartments. Later, the ladies would reconnect when Heather,now an OTA, was working with Kristen's preschooler son for his OT services. Then just a few short years later, Heather reached out to Kristen for support with special education for Heather's young son. The women have kept in touch and supported each other. Independently these mystical mamas ventured out to become the wisdom carriers they are now by exploring sacred practices to bring themselves into balance.The sisters learned that in order to truly give to your child and their needs, a mom (parent) must nurture her soul. 

Get In Touch

Kristen Marie was a special education advocate for over 10 years while raising her own sons with multiple needs. The one thing she learned early on was selfcare. Over the years selfcare became a calling and a deep longing to know more, implement, & share with other mothers going through the same thing she was. Kristen Marie became a certified 200 hr Kundalini Yoga & Mediation teacher and studied shamanic arts. 

Heather Bloechle has been a pediatric Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant for 13 years and is a level 3 Radiant Child Yoga teacher. Heather believes in the power of educating both parents and children in holistic ways of living, creating lifestyle balance and self care for the family.

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