Here is some of the scoop…Connect with other mamas. Join neutral sacred space. Sample different meditations. Practice Kundalini Yoga. Receive the all natural benefits of salt therapy.

What is SMC?
This is a dedicated circle of mothers gathering to hold sacred space,practice selfcare and explore mindfulness.

Who are special moms?
Special Moms are a shortened version of saying a mother of a child with special needs, including medical complexities and/or developmental delays.

Why SMC?
Because YOU deserve it! And you absolutely require this time to reset, recalibrate, recharge, & most importantly remember YOU are NOT alone.You have an invisible tribe full of sisters supporting you as the magical person you are.

Hosted by Kristen Marie

$40.00 drop in $90.00 for all 3 Circles
Located at Soulshine Salt Cavern Durham,CT (inside The Red Barn)

Register HERE 

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